Sunday, 6 November 2011

My contacts in Berlin

I know it may be a little late to put this on, like who's going to read it when there's hour left lol.

My two friends 'Rob & Max' have been living as artists in Berlin for parts of this year, I've text them the Hotel address and they've suggested calling in and perhaps taking us on a night on the town.

I'll tell you all any how but if this is read: wahoo :-)



Here's a pretty tasty looking art materials shop just round the corner from the hotel:

Also quite nearby there is Yard 5 who sell spray cans, markers, ink etc, although why anyone could possibly need graffiti materials in Berlin I daren't imagine!


We seem to be pretty lucky ...


Hey, i think this would be the best ticket for us. The Berlin City Tour Card for 5 days zone A and B which coast 28,90 €.

Infos on the website:
  • Berlin CityTourCards must be validated before starting your first journey.
  • After starting the journey, the Berlin CityTourCards are not transferable.
  • They are not valid on special routes.
The Berlin CityTourCard Berlin zone AB is valid for just one person and only in the Berlin city area. It cannot be extended to zone C.

And this is what is included in the ticket. 

Your advantage:
Save up to 50% on the entrance fees for tourist highlights in Berlin, Potsdam and the greater Berlin region. Additionally the Berlin CityTourCard includes a brochure with a city center map of Berlin and a route map of the underground and urban rail network.

The Berlin CityTourCard partners:
The Berlin CityTourCard invites you to visit Berlin zoo, Oranienburg Palace, the Stasi museum, go on a sight-seeing tour with the panorama buses of Sightseeing Berolina Stadtrundfahrten, and much more. A wide range of museums, exhibitions, theatres and city tours are also among the more than 180 partners of the Berlin CityTourCard. You can also use the Berlin CityTourCard to visit the wonderful palaces in Potsdam and to take a look at the greater Berlin region. You'll find plenty to keep you going!
In the brochure wich belongs to the Berlin CityTourCard 80 selected partners are introduced.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Photographers may be interested in this...

Apparently this is a spooky abandoned theme park, not sure but you might have to sneak in!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Comic shops

GROBER UNFUG - Torstrasse 75

MODERN GRAPHICS - Oranienstrasse 22

BLACK DOG COMICS - Rodenbergstrasse 9

ROMAN UND COMICLADEN - Ebertystrasse 22

ROMAN BOUTIQUE - Martin-Luther-Strasse 95

RENATE (comics library) - Tucholskystrasse 32

Also just emailed the publishers of Biografiktion who suggested some bookstores/galleries which sell independent comics, zines etc...

im Haus Schwarzenberg
2. Hof, 1. Obergeschoss
Rosenthalerstraße 39
10178 Berlin 

Raumerstrasse 40, 10437 Berlin 

Flughafenstr. 38, Eg rechts
12053 Berlin

Torstrasse 110
10119 Berlin

pickled stuff

this looks sick!

Daily plan

This is a rough plan I have for our trip.

Monday- Since we are staying in Kreuzberg I would like to walk around the area and have a look at shops etc. I will go to a Graphic Novel bookshop which is  Oranienstraße 22. not the best one I recon but I read they have a good variety of books. 

For those who are interested in German food which is Oranienstrasse 162 Kreuzberg . It is an original german alehouse.

Tuesday- Is dedicated to museums. Bauhaus museum

Jewish Museum Berlin jewish culture in relationship to Gemany.

The Wall Museum

Wednesday- Filmmuseum 
Afterwards I will have a look at second hand shops Prenzlauer Berg.

Thursday- Someone posted it before ... I've never been to Tacheles which is a squat in Berlin. This link might be helpful as well. It is an article about squats in Berlin.
I try to see as many as I can.

Friday- Shouldn't be too stressful. I would walk around Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg and might visit galleries or museums that I couldnt see the day before.

The plan I made is still quiet open which leaves time to explore Berlin.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This place holds amazing exhibitions, collaborations and creative forward thinking work, worth checking out. It has been listed one of the top things to check out while in Germany, as well as mentions in D&AD.

Not sure whats going on in November, but going to keep an eye on it!
Check out the link to get a feel for it?

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Definitely want to see the Kunsthaus Tacheles, (here as well, a friend who lived in Berlin said it's pretty amazing - gallery and ateliers with resident artists, a cinema and i think even a nightclub :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mein Plan für Berlin

During our trip, I would like to go to the Kinemathek museum. The Permanent Exhibition shows film history. From the beginnings of cinema, how it changed under National Socialism to contemporary film. The exhibition is also about Marlene Dietrich who is a film icon from Berlin and had national and international success. Have a look at the website which shows the permanent exhibition but also new once like Between Film and Art. Storyboards from Hitchcock to Spielberg. (the website is also in english)

Also other exhibitions could be interesting at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. W. Eugene Smith and Ai Weiwei in New York are on in November.

I'm interested in the Wall museum.

Germany has a great café and bar scene. Many cafés and bars in the district Prenzlauer Berg like Gorki Park (one of the oldest cafés in Berlin) are always a good address to go for a break.  The special thing about Gorki Park is that it offers russian brunch and dishes.

A good bar is the 8mm bar

Great concert and party venues are White Trash and Magnet Club.

For shopping I might go to the shirt shop Who Killed Bambi Eberswalder Straße 26. And a good Vintage shop just opposite - Stiefkombinat, Eberswalder Str. 21.

I will research more about Art exhibitions and what else is on in November.

Vintage Shops

It looks like there's lots of vintage shopping to be had in Berlin. Unfortunately all the flea markets seem to be on Saturdays and Sundays when we're not there - we'll just have to hit the shops instead....... my next plan is to get a map so I can start plotting where they all are!

Galleries and Exhibitions

CFA - Contemporary Fine Arts


Daniel Richter
10001 Nacht
11th November - 17th December

Call for Posts on places that you'd like to visit in Berlin

post your wish list, making sure you add pictures and links to get us interested!

"Sculpture in garden at Kathe Kollwitz Museum in Charlottenburg in Berlin"